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Why Us?

At Al Aref Business Services, we stand out as a premier choice for your business needs, combining personalized solutions with a commitment to excellence. Our dedicated team ensures accuracy and proficiency throughout the entire process, leveraging our own customized CRM system to maintain meticulous records and streamline transactions. We follow an organized plan, conducting full analyses of visa requirements and timelines to ensure timely completion without compromising on quality.
Moreover, we prioritize listening to our valued clients and understanding their requirements, ideas, and objectives to tailor the best-fitting solutions for their businesses. With our highly experienced staff, we offer expertise in offshore company incorporation and bank account opening at the best price in town, with transparent charges and no hidden costs. By choosing Al Aref Business Services, you can be proud of your decision, as we provide seamless support and assistance, always just a phone call away.


Cost Efficiency

We prioritize cost savings by minimizing transaction expenses and avoiding fines, leveraging streamlined processes and expertise.


Time Management

Entrust us with your transactions to free up your staff's time for core business activities, ensuring efficient use of your valuable time.


Expert Consultation

Our experienced consultants offer comprehensive guidance beyond transaction processing, ensuring clear understanding across diverse fields.


Strategic Partnership

Partnering with Al Aref Business Services allows you to delegate administrative burdens, freeing up resources to enhance productivity and drive profitability.

Document Reminders

Our electronic database facilitates timely reminders for document renewals, maintaining organizational efficiency and compliance.

Progress Updates

Stay informed about transaction status through SMS, WhatsApp, or email messages, providing peace of mind and insight into completion times.

Regulatory Compliance

We stay updated on government rules and regulations to ensure compliance and navigate new requirements proactively, mitigating potential issues.

Timely Delivery

Expect prompt completion and delivery of transactions within specified timeframes, ensuring a seamless and efficient process.

What do we do?

Al Aref Business Services is experienced in the Requirements of Citizenship,

Residency, Ministry of Human Resources & Emiratisation, Department of Economic Development, Waste, Food Control and Health Authority. We provide high-quality company representation through our Proficient team.;

Our Trusted Allies

Our success stories


The whole team of Al Aref Transaction is doing a great job, they all are very competitive, providing 100% results in all aspects. This is the place where people feel valued and appreciated.
Arfa Yousuf


"Perfect place to solve all the technical issues with legal papers, very knowledgeable employees."​
Saleh Abujamus


"A VIP printing center in addition to the speed and accuracy of processing transactions."​
Dj. Mask


"A great solution for your legal issues..."​


"The fastest clearance office in the Emirates."​
Hamdi Mohamed